Android-POS solutions
is a russian multifunctional technology company that develops modern POS and payment solutions.
Adaptation of payment solution for Russian users in accordance with the legislation
POS software development and adaptation of partner's software
Providing warranty and post-warranty support for our solutions
Wholesale supply
Company was founded in 2017.
Became the general distributor of WizarPOS in Russia.

The first equipment certifications were passed. We found strategic partners - banks, integrators, processing centers.
We became a supplier of major bank in Russia - Sberbank. We launched many projects in various areas: retail, transport, housing and communal services, services, etc.
We have built an extensive network of service centers - 130+ service points in Russia.
Became a distributor of Kozen. We signed a supply contract with the MTS group of companies. Worked on projects using AI and biometrics.
Significantly increased the product line due to the devices of the new vendor. Worked on launching biometrics on our devices.
Became a supplier of bioacquiring terminals to Sberbank. We continue to develop terminal projects in various fields.
Fiscal POS
Russian legislation requires the refinement of equipment so that checks pass a special registration.
Modernization of fiscal POS, development of documentation, interaction with regulatory authorities - a difficult process that takes a lot of time and human resources.
Our company has certified 3 fiscal POS.
Payment terminals
Our specialists constantly monitor changes in payment infrastructure and search the best solutions for Russia.
More than 10 terminal models for merchants, delivery, public services, passenger transportation, etc.
In 2020 we started developing projects using AI and biometric data reading for public security and transport.
In 2023 we became the first suppliers of biometric terminals in Russia.
Bioacquiring (face payment) is the most modern and secure way to make financial transactions.
Main partners
SBERBANK - major russian bank
MTS Bank - russian bank
Biometric projects partner
Payment service provider
Payment service provider
Service partner
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